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Oasis Of Whispers

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Lines of the World
Calligraphy of some unknown language

Stop time…being


Perception, line a radio receiver
tuned to all the frequencies of the world

an oasis of whispers…


1. The Mechanism 7:40
2. Eyemote 3:06
3. Blue Seven* 5:07
4. Conference Call 16:40
5. H2 1:12
6. Sonarisme 2:09
7. View from Bellvue 6:41
8. Oasis of Whispers 6:50
9. Blow 3:47

All compositions by Glen Hall, William Hooker and Lee Ranaldo (except * by Sonny Rollins) published by Kikue Music (SOCAN).

Glen Hall – tenor/soprano saxophones, flute, bass flute, piccolo, bass clarinet, percussion, effects
William Hooker – drums
Lee Ranaldo – guitar, audio collages, effects

Recorded live at the Tralfamadore, Buffalo, New York, September 6, 2001
Engineer – Steve Baczkowski
Editing – Glen Hall at Stimulus/Response
Mastering – Iouri Dmitrievski
Poem – Glen Hall
Producer – Glen Hall




Canadian reed virtuoso Glen Hall is one of those cats (Ned Rothenberg's another) who doesn't release a hell of a lot of albums, which is all the more reason to check them out when they do appear. With Sonic Youth's Lee Ranaldo bending the strings and the muscular William Hooker behind the kit, you wouldn't expect Oasis of Whispers, despite that delicate lowercase title, to be anything other than a powerhouse – and it doesn't disappoint. Recorded live in Buffalo NY (by another monster blower we should hear more from, Steve Baczkowski), these nine tracks find Hall playing tenor and soprano saxes (with and without a battery of electronic transformations), piccolo, flute, bass flute, bass clarinet and percussion. Though he's perfectly able to blast the horns into oblivion when necessary, it's worth bearing in mind that Hall has a solid jazz background – the fact that the set here includes an evil swinging take on Sonny Rollins' "Blue Seven" should come as no surprise – and there's a structural integrity to even his wildest solos ("View from Bellevue" in particular is a gem) that rewards repeated listening. And he's not averse to extending his work beyond the strict confines of pure music, whatever that is – remember his William Burroughs-inspired project Hallucinations on Leo a few years back. Hence the convincing interplay with the ever-inventive Hooker and his fellow member of that other multimedia improv collective, Text Of Light, Ranaldo, who, in addition to his coruscating guitar work, provides some of his beloved audio collages in the form of snatches of radio and answerphone messages ("Conference Call") and otherworldly electronic squiggles on the the title track, which is atmospheric and evocative while remaining tense and thrilling.
– Dan Warburton


A free jazz supergroup comprised of Lee Randaldo (Sonic Youth) on guitar and EFX, William Hooker on drums, and Glen Hall on (deep breath!) sax, flute, piccolo, clarinet and percussion, 'Oasis of Whispers' is a heaving platter of forward-thinking improv. Whilst the opening track 'The Mechanism' seems to feature elements of the 1980's theme-tune from 'Auf Wiedersehen, Pet', the rest of 'Oasis of Whispers' is gleefully structureless; allowing the trilogy of muso heavy-weights the chance to fully flex their collective musical muscle on pieces that range from traditional bops through to full-on psychedelic goodness. Featuring a cover of Sonny Rollin's 'Blue Seven', 'Oasis of Whispers' is anything but; delighting in its sheer, uninhibited noisiness. Shhhh.

Montreal Mirror

Things definitely get...interesting on Oasis of Whispers, with Glen Hall filling out the sound with an assortment of wind and reed instruments. Ranaldo is far more interesting on this release, with a more violent and urgent approach on guitar, while Hooker once again proves he has big ears and is respectful of space, but this one is Hall's show all the way—just check out his treatment of Sonny Rollins's “Blue Seven.”  8/10
- Johnson Cummins

Guitarist Lee Ranaldo is not only known for his work with Sonic Youth, he also makes many solo records and often works together with a variety of artists (and in divergent genres). For example, he has shared a disc more than once with drum legend William Hooker, with whom he makes intriguing free jazz, free noise and other improvisational compositions. They don't make it easy for you and that makes it so interesting. On Oasis Of Whispers they work together with the Canadian multi-instrumentalist Glen Hall. The latter tortures instruments such as (tenor, soprano) saxophone, (bass) flute, piccolo, bass clarinet and percussion instruments. Hooker drums and Ranaldo plays guitar, takes care of audio collages (with voices) and diverse effects. The cd was recorded live in the Tralfamadore (Buffalo, N.Y.) and everything seems improvised, even the cover ‘Blue Seven' by Sonny Rollins. They extract everything from their instruments; they pull, pluck, stroke, ram, rasp, and squeak. It is filled to the brim with both ugly and beautiful sounds. It is exactly this tension which makes it into a listening adventure. And it never becomes really chaotic. Apparently a sort of regularity exists behind this free stream of sound. Don't expect lovely tunes or even lovely music, only wisps* of lovely sound. The enjoyment is in the simultaneous playing together of diverse instruments and diverse styles (improvisational mix of jazz, noise, experiments), which added together become much larger than the sum of the parts. Instrumental use here is simply astonishing. Fascinating sound expression.
- Jan Willem Broek - Caliedoscoop 

The Book Of The Heart The Mother Of The Book Hallucinations The Roswell Incident Oasis Of Whispers
Angles Here To Go Strophe Powerbuch Indios Eletronicos Open The Way

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